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18th New Horizons IFF: Roeg, Enyedi, Costa, Monteiro and Iran : Iran

Performance, dir. Nicolas Roeg
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Nicolas Roeg, Ildikó Enyedi, Pedro Costa, João César Monteiro and Iran : Iran – retrospectives and panoramas at the 18th New Horizons IFF

The 18th New Horizons International Film Festival will be held in Wrocław from 26 July to 5 August 2018. The event will include as many as five director's retrospectives.

Nicolas Roeg (who will turn 90 in August 2018) is among the most original British filmmakers - a director passionate about tearing down the classic narrative, a master of editing and a brilliant stylist. Finding his way into the realm of hidden obsessions, painful memories, unhealed collective and personal traumas as well as sexual fantasies, this cinematic alchemist has done away with the division between the past and the present, narrative-wise, proving, in a highly inventive manner, that movies can be regarded as time capsules of sorts. Struggling for a long time with rejection and lack of understanding, Roeg was determined to pursue the path of an outsider, not only choosing locations outside the UK for his settings (including Australia, the Seychelles and Vienna), but also favoring artists associated with counterculture rebellion (such as David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Art Garfunkel). Not fitting into the established canon and deprived of timely appreciation, movies like PerformanceDon't Look NowWalkaboutThe Man Who Fell to Earth or Bad Timing have ultimately garnered cult status as visually stunning, captivating and provocative fairy tales for adults. The retrospective will feature the director's nine most outstanding movies.

The 18th installment of the festival will also host a retrospective concerning one of the most prominent European female directors, the Hungarian Ildikó Enyedi. The woman behind visionary and poetic masterpieces such as My 20th Century (featuring Dorota Segda) or Simon, the Magician has recently stepped back into the spotlight with her 2017 romantic-slash-surreal movie On Body and Soul, which won the Golden Bear in Berlin and was screened at the 17th NH. The presentation in Wrocław will encompass all of Enyedi's cinematic output, including movies that are rarely shown in Poland.

Pedro Costa is not only a top figure when it comes to Portuguese cinema, but also one of the few filmmakers who have managed to retain total independence from the established movie industry and continue playing by their own rules. Costa is always ready to take risks, including artistic ones. His austere, symbolic and, at the same time, political movies tackle postcolonial traumas and stand up for vulnerable, excluded people who are "invisible" to society. He recruits his actors from the ranks of common folk, among them immigrants and slum residents (he dedicated his trilogy of BonesIn Vanda's Room and Colossal Youth to the inhabitants of Lisbon's poor quarter of Fontainhas). The director's retrospective will be complemented by a screening of selected movies by João César Monteiro, one of the most radical and most important (along with Manoel de Oliveira) Portugal filmmakers, whose critical stance has been taken up and cherished by Costa. This will constitute Poland's first ever presentation of Monteiro's cinematic legacy.

The festival will also offer a peek into the new, independent cinema of Iran. The Iran : Iran panorama is a closer look at Iran and the Iranian diaspora, and specifically at the new generation of filmmakers, born around the time of the 1979 revolution who matured in the wake of Iranian minimalism. What are their stories? What is their narrative like? Growing up in isolation, they never had a chance to go abroad and confront their country's ways with those of the West. How do Iranian young people define themselves where the only source of insight into modernity is the Internet? And how do Iranians raised outside the country fare in comparison, constructing their Persian identity around their parents' memories and stories of Iran's 1980s? One country, two perspectives, two voices. The panorama will focus on recent movies, made between 2015 and 2018. It will include 12 films, along with an exhibition of Iranian video art.

Passes go on sale on December 12th, 2017 at 12:00 am.