Dot & the Kangaroo

dir. Yoram Gross
Australia 1977 / 70’
subtitles: Polish and English

Dot is a little girl from the Australian bush. She is the star of nine feature films which take her on a magical series of adventures from riding in the pouch of a kangaroo to orbiting into space. Dot loves to help those in need and the friends she makes along the way include a bunny, a koala, a mosquito, a whale and many, many more.

Cast & Crew

director: Yoram Gross
screenplay: Yoram Gross, John Palmer, Ethel Pedley
cinematography: Frank Hammond, Graham Sharpe
music: Bob Young
producer: Yoram Gross
production: Yoram Gross EM-TV Pty. Limited
source of print: Ambasada Australii
language: English