Computer Chess

dir. Andrew Bujalski
USA 2013 / 92’
subtitles: Polish only

Andrew Bujalski will not be denied artistic consequences. The godfather of the mumblecore trend has created an autistic film about characters that turn inward. Overloaded with dialogue and bathed in black and white, in Computer Chess Bujalski returns to the early 1980s to relate the events of a weekend tournament for computer programmers. The key that unlocks this hermetic world for the director is a sense of humour and a friendly approach to its quirky characters. Bujalski cannot resist ironic comments concerning the maladjusted lives of computer geniuses, but at the same time comments on their driving passions with amazement. Perhaps the human struggle with technology isn’t doomed to fail after all.


Sundance FF 2013 – Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize

Andrew Bujalski

Andrew Bujalski was born in 1977 in Boston and graduated from the film school at Harvard University, where one of his teachers was the famous director Chantal Akerman. In 2002 he debuted with the film Funny Ha Ha and quickly gained a reputation as a pioneer in the mumblecore film movement, honing a unique style, which – in light of its profound realism – was compared to the creativity of Mike Leigh or John Cassavetes. At New Horizons in 2009, his film Beeswax was presented. Computer Chess is his fourth full-length film.


2002 Funny Ha Ha

2005 Z wzajemnością / Mutual Appreciation

2009 Wosk pszczeli / Beeswax

2013 Computer Chess

Cast & Crew

director Andrew Bujalski
screenplay Andrew Bujalski
cinematography Matthias Grunsky, Michael Bricker
editing Andrew Bujalski
sound Kevin Bewersdorf, Paavo Hanninen, Eric Masunaga, Joel Sadler
cast Patrick Riester, Wiley Wiggins, Myles Paige, Robin Schwartz, Gerald Peary, Gordon Kindlmann, James Curry
producer Houston King, Alex Lipschultz, Scott Colquitt, Morgan Coy, Andrew Finnigan, Brooke Finnigan, Carlyn Hudson, Gary Stewart
sales Film Sales Company
awards Sundance FF 2013 – Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize
language English
colouration colour & b&w