dir. Zeki Demirkubuz
Turkey 2009 / 96’
subtitles: Polish and English

Early 1930s, beginnings of the Turkish Republic. In a mining town of Zonguldak in North-Western Turkey a ball is held to celebrate Independence Day. Among the invited guests is a newcomer, the engineer, Halit, with his beautiful wife, Mükkerem, and unmarried sister, Seniha. A dance of Mükkerem and Nüshet, the spoilt son of the wealthiest industrialist in the town will result in a passionate affair, witnessed silently by Seniha. This will be a great opportunity in her life, after years spent in the shadow of her brother and his wife, to finally play the main part and influence other peoples’ lives. Adapting a novel by Turkish author, Nahit Sırrı Örik, and making his first costume film ever, Demirkubuz once again returns to issues so typical for his art: destroying passions and cruel destiny which determines human fate.

Anita Piotrowska

Zeki Demirkubuz

Born in 1964 in Isparta, Turkey. He graduated from the Communication Faculty of the University of Istanbul. After his studies he became an assistant to the director Zeki Ökten. Striving for independence, Demirkubuz established a production company, Mavi Film, through which he still produces his films. Starting from his debut C-Blok (1994), Demirkubuz has developed a strictly original model of cinema – he writes his screenplays himself, he’s the producer, sometimes cinematographer, editor and even actor. All his films, e.g. Masumiyet (1997), were appreciated at festivals in Turkey and abroad. Demirkubuz’s work, especially the cycle Tales About Darkness (Karanlık üstüne öyküler), is rooted in the Turkish reality. It composes a consistent whole as a universal portrait of man abandoned to fate and destructive emotions.



1994 C-Blok / Block-C

1997 Masumiyet / Innocence

1999 Üçüncü sayfa / The Third Page

2001 Yazgi / Fate

2001 İtiraf / The Confession

2003 Bekleme odası / The Waiting Room

2006 Kader / Destiny

2009 Kıskanmak / Envy

Cast & Crew

director Zeki Demirkubuz
screenplay Zeki Demirkubuz na podstawie powieści / based on Nahit Sirri Orik's nove)
cinematography Emre Erkmen
editing Zeki Demirkubuz
cast Nergis Ozturk, Serhat Tutumluer, Berrak Tuzunatac, Bora Cengiz, Hasibe Eren, Nihal Koldas
producer Zeki Demirkubuz, Zefer Çelik
production Yerli Film, Mavi Film
language Turkish
colouration colour