Enter the Void dir. Gaspar NoéEnter the Void dir. Gaspar Noé

Enter the Void

Wkraczając w pustkę / Soudain le vide

France, Germany, Italy, Canada 2009 / 154’

director: Gaspar Noé

screenplay: Gaspar Noé

cinematography: Benoît Debie

editing: Marc Boucrot, Gaspar Noé

music: Thomas Bangalter

cast: Paz de la Huerta, Nathaniel Browen, Cyril Roy, Olly Alexander

producer: Pierre Buffin, Olivier Delbosc, Vincent Maraval, Marc Missonier, Gaspar Noé

production: Fidélité Films

awards: Sitges 2009 - Special Prize of the Jury, Best Cinematography

polish distributor: Stowarzyszenie Nowe Horyzonty, SPI

release date: 21.01.2011

In his formally daring film made two years ago, Gaspar Noé turns the human soul into a camera. The bold form is justified primarily by the subjective narration, a first-person p.o.v. of a Tokyo high on LSD through the eyes of a dead boy. His consciousness, which abandoned the human shell at death, travels in space and time, exploring the existential void, as highlighted by flashing neon disco signs, paradoxically and perversely full of provocative pleasures, violence and lack of understanding. Noé pushes the audience towards a techno metaphysical experience, both dazzling and intentionally tacky.

Bartosz Czartoryski

Gaspar Noé

Born in 1963 in Buenos Aires as a painter’s son; he grew up there and in New York, and was educated in France. He studied film and philosophy; starting with short films that were noticed at festivals. Begun in Carne, a story of a butcher who grapples with bringing up his handicapped daughter, and continued in I Stand Alone where the main character struggles with frustration when he loses his job. The films came as a shock as they showed an unknown face of France: failure, aggression, destruction. Irreversible, a retrochronological story made from several shots talking about crime and revenge, with a rape scene involving the character played by Monica Bellucci, caused extreme reactions in Cannes, including mass departures from the cinema. Undoubtedly, a modern cinema visionary who experiments with unbroken one-shot editing and psychedelic tendencies.

Selected filmography

1985 Tintarella di luna (short)

1991 Mięso / Carne (short)

1998 Sam przeciw wszystkim / Seul contre tous / I Stand Alone

2002 Nieodwracalne / Irréversible

2006 Destricted (short)

2006 SIDA (short)

2009 Wkraczając w pustkę / Soudain le vide / Enter the Void