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Festival Centre - The Wroclaw Puppet Theatre

(FESTIVAL CENTRE - The Wroclaw Puppet Theatre)

pl. Teatralny 4, Wroclaw

9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.


In the Festival Centre - the Wroclaw Puppet Theatre you will find:

1) Pass Holders Help Desk where participants will be able to collect books of tickets and obtain all information concerning the festival,

2) Guests' Service Point,

3) Press Room - a service point for journalists,

4) Festival Information Point.

The Wroclaw Puppet Theatre is located in a neo-baroque building built between 1892-1894 on the design by Blummer and extended between 1905-1909 according to A. Grau's design; in the past it used to belong to the Merchants' Club. On the eastern side of the building there is a spacious terrace which joins it with a promenade stretching along the city's moat towards the present-day Old City Park. The garden of over 1.4 hectares adjacent to the theatre was created after the conversion of the Nicolaus Copernicus Park. Here, the designers were inspired by the 19th-century Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

The Wroclaw Puppet Theatre is one of the most vigorously working theatres in Lower Silesia and is the most frequented of all of Wroclaw's theatres. In addition, the theatre boasts a permanent stage in Wroclaw Water Park and a mobile open-air stage, Bajkobus.