1 August (Saturday), 10:00 PM

ticket prices: 30 PLN (regular) and 21 PLN (for festival pass)

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The masters of mixing postrock and avantpop. Their name comes from the shed where their adventures in sound began. It used to be said that they play music of the East, but each album seems to slip out of any genre framework. The latest disc, Safari, released in March 2015, is the best proof. It still carries catchy melodies playing hopscotch with sumptuous lyrics, but now there is a totally new menu of electronic sounds added to their signature guitars, keys and rhythm section. Three producers made their mark on Safari - Bartek Dziedzic, Adam Toczko and Eddie Stevens.

Word on the street is that this is album of the year material, with the biggest hit potential of their discography. One thing is certain, Pustki are good at surprising listeners. Their music is a clash of stops and starts, quiet and calm interwoven with powerful and moving sounds. They enthrall, move and enchant.