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Albertina Carri
Argentina, France 2005 / 85’
I Won’t Go Back Home Anger

Lucia and Daniel have three children: their teenage son, Jeremías, and their youngest child, their daughter Meme, stayed in Argentina, while their oldest, Ezequiel, left for Spain. And now the latter’s returning home to get married. While the proud parents get involved in arranging his wedding, they have no idea that Jeremías and Meme are engaging in regular incestuous sex in the family home. Ezequiel discovers their secret, but will he want to destroy the peace and tranquility of their prosperous—and seemingly perfect—family? Screened at festivals in Cannes, San Sebastián and Gothenburg, the film exposes the hypocrisy of Argentina’s bourgeoisie and the game of appearances that the institution of the family is founded upon. Albertina Carri’s sensual and shocking story asks questions about social norms and conventions, about what their purpose is, about who constructs them and about who their most faithful guardians are.

Adam Kruk

Albertina Carri

One of the most important figures in new Argentinian cinema, Albertina Carri was born in Buenos Aires in 1973. Her debut at the age of 24, No quiero volver a casa, was shown at festivals in Rotterdam, London and Vienna. Her interest in animation resulted in her short film Aurora and the two-time FIPRESCI award winner Anger. Carri—a director, screenwriter, producer and visual artist—works with a variety of film genres, creating ambiguous works that are bursting with inventiveness.

Selected filmography

2000 Nie wracam do domu / No quiero volver a casa / I Won’t Go Back Home

2003 Los rubios / The Blonds

2005 Bliźnięta / Géminis / Geminis

2008 Złość / La rabia / Anger

2018 Córki ognia / Las hijas del fuego / The Daughters of Fire

Cast & Crew

director Albertina Carri
screenplay Albertina Carri, Santiago Giralt
cinematography Guillermo Nieto
editing Rosario Suárez
music Edgardo Rudnitzky
cast Cristina Banegas, Daniel Fanego, Maria Abadi, Damian Ramonda, Analía Couceyro
producer Pablo Trapero, Albertina Carri, Barry Ellsworth
production Matanza Cine, Slot Machin
sales Albertina Carri
language Spanish
colouration colour