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Introduzione all'oscuro

Gastón Solnicki
Introduzione all’oscuro
Austria, Argentina 2018 / 71’
Initials SG Monos

The title of the latest film by Gastón Solnicki—the subject of a New Horizons retrospective in 2017—was taken from Salvatore Sciarrino's song Introduzione all'oscuro, about which the composer wrote: “What is announced is imperceptible; what remains is a blind, enigmatic movement of accelerating and decelerating periodic pulsation.” To its rhythm, Solnicki travels to Vienna to say good-bye to his late friend, the Austrian film critic and director of the Viennale Hans Hurch. Tracing his steps through the streets, he captures surreal images and sounds, while also collecting strange objects: together, they create a portrait of the city and a portrait of the man. Filled as much with nostalgia as with his peculiar sense of humor, the film resembles a series of postcards that Hurch sent passionately to his friends. It is also like a postcard from the director to his audience. The cinematography for the film, which premiered at the Venice Festival, was shot by Rui Poças, who worked on Zama, Tabu and The Ornithologist.

Adam Kruk

Gastón Solnicki

Gastón Solnicki is an Argentinian director with Polish roots. He first trained as a chef in Buenos Aires, before going to New York to study photography and film and to create short audiovisual forms. His first three feature films—his debut Süden, Papirosen and Bluebeard—were shown at New Horizons in 2017. In his latest film, Introduzione all'oscuro, Solnicki continues to explore the intersection of various artistic forms.


2008 Süden

2011 Papirosen

2016 Sinobrody / Kékszakállú

2018 Wprowadzenie do ciemności / Introduzione all’oscuro

Cast & Crew

director Gastón Solnicki
screenplay Gastón Solnicki
cinematography Rui Poças
editing Alan Segal
cast Gastón Solnicki, Lie Han-Gyeol, Alexandra Prodaniuc, Karin Krank
producer Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Benjamín Doménech, Santiago Galelli, Matías Roveda, Gastón Solnicki, Paolo Calamita
production Rei Cine, Filmy Wiktora, KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production, Little Magnet Films
sales Gastón Solnicki
language English, German
colouration colour