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Henning Gronkowski
Germany 2018 / 95’
White Noise

The film flows to the rhythm of Berlin techno, vibrates like a teenager’s smartphone, trembles like a body during orgasm. Henning Gronkowski’s Yung grants access to the world of Berlin’s youth, whose lives revolve around parties, sex, Instagram and drugs. The German director really wants us—along with his young protagonists—to get a taste of this lifestyle. So we visit music festivals, witness a death at a club and dance the night away in a friend’s kitchen. The impression that we are taking part in these events comes from the pseudo-documtentary style. Although he perceives the dangers associated with contemporary pornography and of constantly drifting on a wave of new drugs, he doesn’t moralize. He doesn’t look too deeply into the souls of his protagonists, focusing instead on their dancing bodies as they burn with desire—exactly what’s most important for the girls he is observing.

Michał Piepiórka

Henning Gronkowski

Henning Gronkowski is a German actor, screenwriter and director of music videos. Yung is his first full-length feature film. He is familiar with the world of Berlin parties from his own experience, which his debut is based on. The film was made over the course of several few years and perhaps would never have been made if Gronkowski hadn’t met Mike Ott at a festival. It was the American filmmaker who introduced him to the world of cinema, helped him put a crew together and supported the production process.


2018 Yung

Cast & Crew

director Henning Gronkowski
screenplay Henning Gronkowski
cinematography Adam Ginsberg
editing Bobby Good, Zoe Mougin, Olivia Neergaard-Holm
music various
cast Janaina Liesenfeld, Emily Lau, Joy Grant, Abbie Dutton, Tyrell Otoo
producer Henning Gronkowski, Anatol Nietschke, Mike Ott
production GG Productions
language German
colouration colour