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The Rita G. Affair

Daria Kopiec
Sprawa Rity G.
Poland 2017 / 54’
The Crooked House The Suitcase

Adapted for the needs of Teatroteka, the play by Jolanta Janiczak was originally entitled Sprawa Gorgonowej (The Gorgon Case). The sensational trial of Rita Gorgon in the Thirties of the 20th century became first for the author and then the director, only a pretext for creating a completely autonomous artistic vision. The play is written in a language much different from the colloquial is not a reconstruction of the progress of the investigation of a circumstantial murder case even though the characters in the play do have their precursors in real life. The main point of the plot is not the crime committed or the search for truth. The lengthy trial becomes a media canard which begins to function independently and is meant only to maintain a high level of sensation to serve the needs of show business being created around this fact.

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