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Scary Mother

Ana Urushadze
Sashishi deda
Georgia, Estonia 2017 / 107’
Samui Song The Field Guide to Evil

Nearing fifty, Manana lives with her family in an apartment block, where, at first glance, she appears to be living the life of an exemplary housewife. Assigned this role by her husband and children, she is secretly trying to a finish a book. When it looks like her novel-a potential masterpiece-is going to be published, her secret life is revealed. Her family is horrified, and they start treating her like a disobedient child, whose capricious nature has to be tamed and who has to reminded of her duties. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, she decides to follow her passion instead of continuing to be a martyr at home. It turns out, however, that that can also be a destructive path. Just like the protagonist weaving her story together from scraps of everyday life and fantasies, the entire world of Scary Mother treads a fine line between reality and dreaming. The debut film by young Georgian director Ana Urushadze was a hit at the festivals in Locarno and Sarajevo, and it was also Georgia's submission to the Academy Awards.

Adam Kruk


IFF Locarno 2017 – Best First Feature; IFF Sarajevo 2017 – Heart of Sarajevo for Best Feature Film

Ana Urushadze

Ana Urushadze is a director, writer and producer, as well as the daughter of Georgian director Zaza Urushadze. She was born in 1990 in Tbilisi, where she studied at film school and made short films. Scary Mother is her first full-length feature film, which premiered at the Festival in Locarno, where it won the prize for the most interesting debut before going on to win the Sarajevo Film Festival.


2010 Ideebi / Ideas (short)

2012 Ert kats vuqvardi / One Man Loved Me (short)

2017 Groźna matka / Sashishi deda / Scary Mother

Cast & Crew

director Ana Urushadze
screenplay Ana Urushadze
cinematography Mindia Esadze
editing Alexander Kuranov
music Nika Pasuri
cast Nato Murvanidze, Dimitri Tatishvili, Ramaz Ioseliani, Avtandil Makharadze, Anastasia Chanturaia
producer Lasha Khalvashi
production Studio Artizm, Allfilm, Gemini
sales Alief
language Georgian, English
colouration colour