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9 Fingers

F.J. Ossang
9 doigts
France, Portugal 2017 / 99’
Let the Corpses Tan

The world is full of rabbit holes. Sometimes we can end up in a crazy story with just one careless step. Here's a perfect example: a handsome wanderer receives a bundle of cash from a stranger who is about to die, only to be set upon moments later by gangsters. After deciding to partner with them, they head out to sea together on a long voyage surrounded by an aura of danger and decadence. It happens. Believe it or not, but life can truly be strange and surprising. Ostentatiously eccentric, with elegant black-and-white cinematography, a somnambulistic rhythm and abundant in absurdly high-pitched dialogue, F.J. Ossang's film is a poetic pastiche of film noir with echoes of the French Neo-Baroque.

Piotr Mirski


Locarno IFF 2017 – Best Director

F.J. Ossang

Born in 1956 as Jacques Plougeaut, F.J. Ossang is a French director, writer, poet and musician. He studied Law and Philosophy. He also studied at the La Fémis film school. His directorial debut, L'affaire des divisions Morituri, premiered at the Cannes Festival. He received a prestigious Prix Jean Vigo for his short film Silence. His DharmaGuns and Treasure of the Bitch Islands were screened at previous editions of New Horizons.

Selected filmography

1985 L'Affaire des divisions Morituri / The Case of the Morituri Divisions

1990 Skarb wyspy suk / Le trésor des îles chiennes / Treasure of the Bitch Islands

1997 Docteur Chance / Doctor Chance

2007 Silêncio / Silence (short)

2010 Dharma Guns

2017 9 palców / 9 doigts / 9 Fingers

Cast & Crew

director F.J. Ossang
screenplay F.J. Ossang
cinematography Simon Roca
editing Walter Mauriot
music Jack Belsen, MKB Fraction Provisoire
cast Paul Hamy, Damien Bonnard, Pascal Greggory, Gaspard Ulliel
producer Sébastien Haguenauer, Bruce Satarenko, Luís Urbano
production OSS/100 Films & Documents, 10:15! Productions, O Som e a Fúria
language French
colouration b&w