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Ulrich Seidl
Austria 2016 / 91’
Paterson Sieranevada

A few years after the excellent Paradise: Love, Ulrich Seidl returns to Africa. As in his earlier film, the scandalous Austrian director shows no mercy for the shocking neo-colonial arrogance of his compatriots, including the couple he portrayed in the film In the Basement. That said, Seidl also does not spare the natives, stressing that they have unscrupulously agreed to being stuck in a humiliating "master-servant" system. The only beings for which the director reserves a certain degree of compassion are the animals killed by Europeans who arrive to take part in the eponymous safaris. As is his wont, Seidl tests just how much audiences can endure by showing the hellish death of these animals in all its glory. This is the only way that the bestiality of these smiling, self-satisfied hunters can fully sink in on-screen. As is typical of Seidl's films, he enhances the grotesque effect with the addition of humor that sometimes borders on the slapstick.

Piotr Czerkawski

Ulrich Seidl

Born in Vienna in 1952, Ulrich Seidl is an Austrian director, producer, and screenwriter. He studied Journalism at the University of Vienna and Direction at a Viennese film school. At the beginning of his career, he gained fame for his sarcastic unmasking of the infirmities of Austrian society. At first, he primarily made documentaries, the best known of which were Animal Love and Jesus, You Know, which was an award winner at Karlovy Vary. Since making Dog Days in 2001, he has also enjoyed similar success making feature films. In 2012, he won the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Festival for Paradise: Faith.

Selected filmography

1982 Bal / Der Bal / The Prom (doc.)

1996 Zwierzęca miłość / Tierische Liebe / Animal Love (doc.)

2001 Upały / Hundstage / Dog Days

2003 Jezu, Ty wiesz / Jesus, Du weisst / Jesus, You Know (doc.)

2007 Import Export

2012 Raj: wiara / Paradies:Glaube / Paradise: Faith

Cast & Crew

director Ulrich Seidl
screenplay Veronika Franz, Ulrich Seidl
cinematography Wolfgang Thaler, Jerzy Palacz
editing Christof Schertenleib
sound Erik Mischijew, Matz Müller
producer Ulrich Seidl
production Ulrich Seidl Film Produktion
Polish distributor Against Gravity
language German
colouration colour