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Kwassa Kwassa

Tuan Andrew Nguyen, Superflex
Denmark, Vietnam 2015 / 19’

A co-production by Tuan Andrew Nguyen and the Danish collective Superflex takes on one of today’s hot topics, migration. The residents of the island of Anjouan (belonging to the Union of Comoros in the Mozambique Channel) have been using fishing boats since 2014 to try to reach the neighboring French island of Majotta, which belongs to the peripheral territory of the European Union. Up until this point, some 10,000 people have already died in their attempt to become European citizens.

Patryk Tomiczek

Tuan Andrew Nguyen

Born in Vietnam in 1976, where he still lives and works. Studied Fine Arts at the University of California. A co-founder and member of the board of San Art. The results of his artistic work have been shown all over the world.

Selected filmography

2010 Porcelain (tv)
2014 The Living Need Light, the Dead Need Music (short)
2015 Kwassa Kwassa (doc. short)


A group founded in Denmark in 1993. In their activities, this Danish collective collaborates with musicians, economists, and also with the public. Superflex offers tools that engage the audience to play an active role in receiving their work. The group’s achievements should already be familiar to New Horizons audiences, as they were guests at the fourth edition of the Festival.

Selected filmography

2008 Burning Car (short)
2009 The Financial Crisis (short)
2011 Modern Times Forever (short)
2015 Kwassa Kwassa (doc. short)

Cast & Crew

director Tuan Andrew Nguyen, Superflex
screenplay Tuan Andrew Nguyen, Superflex
cinematography Ha Thuc Phu Nam
editing Tuan Andrew Nguyen, Superflex
music Tran Manh Hoang
producer Tuan Andrew Nguyen, Superflex
production Superflex, Tanq Studios
language Cormorian
colouration colour