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No Place For Fools

Oleg Mavromatti
Russia, Bulgaria 2015 / 82’

"We can't give away our children to foreigners and homosexuals," teaches Sergei Ashtanov on his video blog. Immediately after which he lists his favorite foods, shopping centers, and the various things ailing his mother. And all in the name of the Russian Orthodox Church, mother Russia, and its leader, Vladimir Putin. Ashtanov is not the first madman or the only right-wing-nut to evangelize his fellow citizens over the Internet. What is unique is that, up until recently, he had been openly gay and an activist for homosexual rights. So what happened? He was placed in a mental institution and forced to undergo so-called gay conversion therapy. No Place for Fools is a found-footage film made by Russian dissident and artist Oleg Mavromatti from materials found online.

Ewa Szabłowska


Movement FF, Omsk 2015 - Best Documentary

Oleg Mavromatti

(born 1965, Russsia) has been making films since 1989. During the 1990s, he was a leading figure in the radical Moscow performance art scene. His art and film archive has been confiscated in 2000, and Mavromatti had to leave the country. Since then he lives in Bulgaria and New York. He is the founder of the independent film group Supernova, with which he makes films and performances critical of society.

Selected filmography

1989 Chervi Benettona/Benetton Worms

1997 Tainaya estetika marsianskih shpionov/The Secret Aesthetic of the Martian Spies

2000 Viblyadki/Bastards

2001 Naj-goliamoto kiyfte v sveta/The Biggest Meatball in the World

2002 The Rats are Leaving the Shop

2007 Blind Spot

2015 To nie jest kraj dla głupich ludzi / No Place for Fools

Cast & Crew

director Oleg Mavromatti
screenplay Oleg Mavromatti
cinematography Oleg Mavromatti
editing Oleg Mavromatti, Boryana Rossa
sound Tihon Pendyrin
producer Boryana Rossa, Andrey Silvestrov
sales Supernova
language Russian
colouration colour