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Celluloid Nightmares

Hisayasu Satō
Abunômaru: Ingyaku
Japan 1988 / 65’

A film by extraordinarily prolific Japanese director Hisayasu Sato, whose work is not sufficiently well known among Polish audiences. Sato once again tests his audience’s sensitivity, serving up a spicy portion of sex, perversion, and torture. This explosive mixture takes up a lot of screen time, becoming both the means and the goal of this story, which is reminiscent of Michael Powell’s brilliant Peeping Tom. In Sato’s work, the object of his fascination is any sort of physical conjoining – whether by means of sex or violence – and, at the same time, the possibility of recording this on film. A plot intrigue intertwining a series of acts of physicality is the pretext for a demonstration of the human potential to satisfy our sensual desires. 

Patryk Tomiczek

Hisayasu Sato

Born in 1959 in Japan. He has directed some extraordinarily controversial films that involve a powerful mixture of sex and violence. He is recognized as a cult director among fans of extreme varieties of horror. He has made over 50 films, the most recent of which was the 2014 film Hanadama.

Selected filmography

1985 Hitozuma korekutâ

1988 Celuloidowe koszmary / Abunômaru: Ingyaku / Celluloid Nightmares

1988 Mapa raju utraconego / Hard focus: nusumi-giki

1996 Nekeddo burâddo: Megyaku / Splatter: Naked Blood

2006 Shisei

Cast & Crew

director Hisayasu Satō
screenplay Shiro Yumeno
cinematography Toshihiko Uryuu
editing Shoji Sakai
music Kizu Hayakawa
cast Kiyomi Ito, Rino Shimazaki, Reika Kazami, Hitomi Sayaka, Yukio Ono, Koji Suzuki, Wako Kobayashi, Kazuhiro Sano
producer Hisayasu Satō
production Shishi Productions, Shin Toho
sales Sepulchre Productions
language Japanese
colouration colour