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American Hunter

Perawan di sarang sindikat
Indonesia 1990 / 92’

A textbook example of the type of insane Indonesian action films that flooded the European video market in the 1980s and 1990s. The pretext of the script, the story of the struggles of two criminal organizations fighting for a mysterious microfilm, is the starting point to showcase a ridiculous explosion of violence, car chases and gunfights. The starring role is played by Christopher Mitchum, the son of THAT Mitchum. 


Born in Airmolek, Indragiri, Riau in 1943, Arizal is a prominent Indonesian film director. He is one of Indonesia's most productive film directors and script writers. He directed 52 films and 8 sopa operas with 1,196 episodes between 1974 and 2006.

Selected filmography

1974 Setulus hatimu

1980 Rayuan gombal

1986 Final Score

1990 Amerykański łowca / Perawan di sarang sindikate / American Hunter

1993 Gara-gara

Cast & Crew

director Arizal
screenplay Deddy Armand
music Billy J
cast Christopher Mitchum, Bill Wallace, Ida Iasha, Mike Abbott, Roy Marten, Peter O'Brian
producer Gope T. Samtani, Subagio S.
production Rapi Films
sales Atlas Films
language English
colouration colour