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Not Blacking Out, Just Turning the Lights Off

James Richards
UK 2012 / 16’

Not Blacking Outis similar to the compositions of the Godfather of American experiment, Jonas Mekas. Like his New York master, Richards composes his films from pictures taken at different occasions, but it is a world apart from the achievements of the pioneers of found footage. At times complemented by a soundtrack the flood of flickering images creates a wonderful psychedelic whole.

Patryk Tomiczek

James Richards

James Richards was born in Cardiff in 1983, but currently lives and works in London. His work is characterised by the constant modulation of the image the sense of which emerges in an act of constant diffusion. In his work, he attempts to exceed the limits of traditional film and video.

Selected filmography

2006 Practice Theory (short)

2009 Misty Boundaries Fades and Dissolves (short)

2009 Screensaver (short)

2012 Nie mdleję, to tylko wyłączone światła / Not Blacking Out, Just Turning the Lights Off (short)

Prepared by: Patryk Tomiczek

Cast & Crew

director James Richards
screenplay James Richards
cinematography James Richards, archival footage
editing James Richards
music archival footage
producer James Richards
sales Lux
language English
colouration colour