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Anna Kosińska
Poland 2012 / 7’

An uncanny description of the experiences of a boy, who looks at his life from the adult perspective of and begins to note the ways his family’s fate determined his life. Sudden plot twists dynamic editing, Alaska, whale hunters and a certain museum exhibit take on unusual meanings in this seemingly disjointed story about the internal drive of a woman.


Szarlotka FF 2012 – Main Prize; Filmowe Zwierciadła FFA 2012 – Second Prize; Animocje AFF 2013 – Distinction; Kamera Akcja Festival 2013 – Distinction

Anna Kosińska

Born in 1989 and is a student at the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw. Her film Uterus, showing at this year’s festival, has received prizes at several film festivals.


2012 Macica / Uterus (anim., short)

Cast & Crew

director Anna Kosińska
screenplay Anna Kosińska, based on a novel by Etgar Keret
cinematography Anna Kosińska
editing Anna Kosińska
music Mateusz Sieradzan
animation Anna Kosińska
visual design Anna Kosińska
producer Anna Kosińska
production Instytut Edukacji Artystycznej w Warszawie
sales Anna Kosińska
language Polish
colouration colour & b&w