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Dmitriy Vasilyev & Alibuster
Russia 2008 / 93’

The world is split into two camps, with America on one side and Russia and China on the other. The enemies pollute the environment and unhinge the climate: America swelters under heat waves as Russia shudders through the coldest winter ever. To survive Russians must drink litres of hot from a distribution point, they tape their doors to trap every morsel of warmth, and never, ever, should they attempt to amputate their own frostbitten extremities. They should wear hats even while sleeping and take them off only to sing the national anthem. Only Axis Perelman, the scientist who controls the world’s climate, can liberate Russians from their perpetually frozen fate.

Urszula Lipińska

Dmitriy Vasilyev

Dmitriy Vasilyev is a co-founder of Studio Alibuster, an independent studio comprising of My Friend Tractor band members, currently scoring their own films. Alibuster combines amateur and low-budget processes, political messages and philosophical issues, in various genres and styles, interspersing elements of science fiction, musical and horror.

Selected filmography

2008 Dva / Two

2008 Kołobacha / Kolobakha

Prepared by: Urszula Lipińska

Cast & Crew

director Dmitriy Vasilyev & Alibuster
screenplay Sergey Brezhnev, Vera Podkovryrova, Dmitriy Vasilyev, Alexandr Zakharov
cast Sergey Brezhnev, Vera Podkovryrova, Dmitriy Vasilyev, Alexandr Zakharov
production Alibuster Studio
sales Alibuster Studio
language Russian
colouration colour