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You Are Here

Daniel Cockburn
Canada 2010 / 78’

Daniel Cockburn in this meta-detective story manipulates the audience to such an extent that its particular members see what the director wants them to see. He endows us with all the necessary tools to facilitate the process of doing the previously prepared intellectual puzzle in one whole, not even labouring under the illusion that the spectator will succeed. The main protagonist of the film is an archivist trying to order audiovisual materials in one consistent and coherent whole, but all in vain. By using such a means, director appears to say that all the attempts made to define reality, systematise memories, hopes and troubles are doomed to failure. Nonetheless, the mesmerising, multi-layered You Are Here can be comprehended both on the level of reason and feelings. The first feature film made by Cockburn leaves the spectator in a state of slight bafflement, making him feel unsure about whether what he has just seen really happened. Thus, the director induces the audience to watch the film again, luring them with the illusion that this time the meaning of his puzzle will be a bit easier to grasp. But still we ask ourselfes: Where are we? Here?

Daniel Cockburn

Born in Canada, one of the leading representatives of video art. The author of film essays and texts revolving around audiovisual issues. You Are Here is his first feature film.


2010 Jesteś tutaj / You Are Here

2011 National Parks Project (short, co-dir.)

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Cast & Crew

director Daniel Cockburn
screenplay Daniel Cockburn
cinematography Cabot McNenly
editing Duff Smith
sound James Bastable, Rebecca Conrad, Matthew Harrold, Gabe Knox
cast Tracy Wright, Shannon Beckner, Richard Clarkin, R.D. Reid, Jenni Burke
producer Daniel Bekerman
production Scythia Films, zeroFunction Productions
sales zeroFunction Productions
language English
colouration colour