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Set The world on both sides of a camera 1



Poland 2005 / 40’

direction:Piotr Bals
screenplay:Piotr Bals
cinematography:Piotr Bals
awards:Ogólnopolski Konkurs Filmów Amatorskich, Konin 2006 - Nagroda Publiczności, Nagroda Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego, Nagroda dla Najmłodszego Twórcy / Audience's Award, Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Award for the Youngest Artist

The main characters of this beautiful film are Ola and Mania Janczarska and their mom, Ewa Błaszczyk. A 13-year-old boy attempts to explore the truth about the pain due to the injustice of fate, about endurance, mutual love and devotion.

Piotr Bals about himself:
I am 16 years old and I am a pupil of the 3rd grade at Gimnazjum no. 15 in Wrocław. I like computers and graphics very much, so I like films too. I started making films at 13. By then, I went to Nowa Rodzina Association at Pl. Świętego Macieja. Film workshops were held there. They fascinated me. I would like to continue these workshops because of my love for graphics and film.

Andrzej and Magda

Poland 2005 / 6'22’

direction:Paweł Bals
screenplay:Paweł Bals
cinematography:Paweł Bals

A story about the beginning of feelings between two young people. Do they want to spend their future together; do they know how long their feelings will last?

Paweł Bals about himself:

I'm 17 and I am a pupil at Gimnazjum no. 8 in Wrocław. I got interested in photography and films at workshops. I would like to go on making films and taking photos.


Poland 2007 / 19’

direction:Ania Lipka
screenplay:Ania Lipka
cinematography:Ania Lipka

A film full of reflections about life and suffering, which often accompanies it. The film's main character, a woman of great professional ambitions, who raises her sick son, whilst working and taking care of her child. This film teaches us incredible humility.

Ania Lipka about herself:

I act, I write, and now film is my passion. I live in Warszawa, in North Praga. I have made six films. This is the fourth one. I would really like to become a film director, but unfortunately I don't like my school and I have very bad marks. Can you become a director without completing primary school?

Jacek Kleyff’s Word Perception

Poland 2007 / 24’

direction:Robert Osnowski
screenplay:Robert Osnowski
cinematography:Robert Osnowski

A meeting of a 16-year-old boy with the leader of the band Orkiestra na Zdrowie. And an unusual meeting. There is a place for history there, for reflection about the wonders and funnies of the world, for a story about a man's liberation from himself, and for music.

Robert Osnowski about himself:

I am a student at a secondary school. I make documentaries about the lives of other people. The film about Jacek Kleyff is my second one. Last year, I made the film Rafał. This was a story about a drug-addict, who fought his addiction and has a family, but in spite of his persistence, he still has problems, because for other people he will always be a junkie. My dream is to make a film that would win people's hearts. And I want to find an intelligent and lovely girl, who would love me. I'm sure you'll see more of my films, because I want to do this extraordinary art. Ever since Mira Sikorska gave me a camera, it has been my great hobby.


Poland 2005 / 10’

direction:Piotr Bals
screenplay:Piotr Bals
cinematography:Piotr Bals
awards:OKFA Konin 2006 - nagroda publiczności / Audience's Award, nagroda za debiut / Award for Debut, nagroda organizatorów / Organisers' Award, Nagroda Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego / Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, nagroda dla najmłodszego twórcy / Award for the Youngest Artist

A 13-year-old boy walking through the Cathedral Island in Wrocław with a camera in his hand. There, the boy meets a lamplighter, who lights the gas lanterns. A specific relation develops between the two of them.

Le Parkur

Poland 2007 / 7’

direction:Bartek Bals
screenplay:Bartek Bals
cinematography:Romek Niewiadomski

Romek Niewiadomski o sobie:
Mam 15 lat. Interesuję się filmem i grafiką. Zacząłem od aparatu, ale potem pomyślałem o filmie. Chcę kontynuować robienie filmów, gdyż bardzo mi się to podoba.

The film, although very short, is very dynamic and filled with acrobatic feats. The authors try to prove that Le Parkour is not a sport for thieves, as it is often regarded, but something for free people, who want to achieve something in their lives.

Bartek Bals about himself:
I'm 14 and I am a pupil at Gimnazjum no. 16 in Wrocław. I'm interested in computers, games, acrobatics and films. I got interested in that when I started to attend film workshops at Nowa Rodzina Association, together with my brother. I liked it very much. This is my first film, but not the last one, I promise.

Romek Niewiadomski about himself:
I am 15. I am interested in films and graphics. I started with a photo camera, but then I thought about film. I want to go on making films, because I like it very much.