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About Żuławski


Tough Landing

Poland 1988 / 27’

director:Krzysztof Lang
screenplay:Krzysztof Lang
cinematography:Krzysztof Pakulski, Andrzej Wolf, Jacek Siwecki
cast:Iwona Bielska, Michał Bajor, Jerzy Grałek, Krzysztof Kolberger, Jerzy Trela
production:Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych Warszawa
awards:MKP Gdańsk 1989 - I nagroda w kategorii filmu krótkiego / , First Prize for Short Film

Jaroszewicza, nazywającego Na srebrnym globie najważniejszym filmem w swojej karierze.

It is a story about mishaps relating the realization of Andrzej Żuławski's On the Silver Globe. The 1976 backstage footage is combined with that from 1986 (when the postsynchronic recordings were made and supplementing footage shot) are the background to commentaries about the scenes, that were cut out from the definite version of the film. The creators registered utterances of the crew about the decision to stop the work, such as Andrzej Jankowski, the production manager, saying that it was the happiest day of his life or Andrzej Jaroszewicz the cameraman, who called On the Silver Globe the most important film in his career.

Warsaw, the Fortress Forest

Varsovie, la foret forteresse
France 2008 / 60’

director:Jean-François Robin, Philippe Guigou
production:Fondivina Films, Marc Guidoni
language:French, Polish

Once upon a time, there was a totalitarian country in which existed an unlikely island of intelligence and résistance self-called 'Principauty of Warsaw'. Some intellectuals tried to survive the best they could. Therefore, they had no other choice than playing a

double game to avoid being destroyed by the screws of the régime.

Żuławski o Żuławskim

Poland 2000 / 50’

director:Jakub Skoczeń
screenplay:Jakub Skoczeń
cinematography:Wojciech Staroń
cast:Andrzej Żuławski
producer:Canal + Polska
production:Studio Filmowe Everest

It is a portrait film of one of the most outstanding European directors. Żuławski narrates about his forced departures and returns to his homeland, he tells about films, relationships with film stars, and finally about himself. This biographical documentary reveals various layers of his artistic personality not concealing the contradictions of his nature. Żuławski's confessions are woven with fragments of his films . Well-matched to illustrate the loops of his personal and artistic life.