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John Carney
Ireland 2006 / 85’

He is a musician who composes songs and sings them because he enjoys doing so. She came from the Czech Republic, takes care of her little daughter and enjoys playing the piano (although actually she can't even afford a pianino). They work "in the street": he sings and collects money, she sells flowers. When they meet, scars of their previous relationships are still fresh. But something draws them together: maybe a similar sensitivity, shared sense of humour or loneliness? Certainly music: from now on they will perform and create it together. (...)
The story is drawn slightly and it is carried mainly by the music, of course. (...) If these songs - sometimes melancholic and sometimes energetic - are so seductive (Falling Slowly even won an Oscar!), it is because they become an inalienable part of the story itself. Of the story about our love longings and disappointments, about dreams and failures. (...) And about the fact that if life is bearable at all, it is exactly because sometimes, mysteriously, you can capture in a simple song those things which are most important.

Paweł Felis, Gazeta Wyborcza

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