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Set Brazil’s Cinema - short films


7 minutes

Sete minutos
Brasil 2007 / 7’

director: Cavi Borges, Júlio Pecly, Paulo Silva
screenplay: Cavi Borges, Júlio Pecly, Paulo Silva
language: Portuguese

The movie shot in sequence plans, which shows the meeting of two drug dealers, and how they resolve their issues with each other.

Alphaville 2007

Brasil 2007 / 16’

director: Paulo Caruso
screenplay: Paulo Caruso
language: French, Portuguese

In the middle of a secretive civil war, a cowboy and an executive regulate the Brazilian apartheid. Beggining from a kidnap, the urban violence wide view is exposed with a lot of humour, on a kind of sci-fi about the third world.

Not Far from Anywhere

Perto de qualquer lugar
Brasil 2007 / 17’

director: Mariana Bastos
screenplay: Mariana Bastos
language: Portuguese

The movie about the universe of discoveries and expectations of two teenagers when they face love.


Brasil 2007 / 14’

director: Esmir Filho
screenplay: Esmir Filho
language: Portuguese

A film that travels on the mind of a 12-year old girl who is on the edge of her first kiss. Doubts and fears are drenched on her saliva.

Satori Uso

Brasil 2007 / 19’

director: Rodrigo Grota
screenplay: Rodrigo Garcia Lopes, Rodrigo Grota
language: English

A poet from the shadows, a movie-maker with no movies and an enigmatic muse. A "documentary" about a poet who never existed, presented by an imaginary movie-maker.

The Damned

A maldita
Brasil 2007 / 20’

director: Tetê Mattos
screenplay: Tetê Mattos
language: Portuguese

March 1982, Rádio Fluminense FM aka Maldita, begins to work, and with boldness, irreverence and creativity on the programme, brekas the padronized international music markets and starts the generation Rock 80 in Brazil.

Vida Maria

Brasil 2006 / 9’

director: Marcio Ramos
screenplay: Marcio Ramos
language: Portuguese

Maria José is forced into dropping school in order to be able to work. While she works, she growns up, gets married, have children and get old. At the end, the beginning of a new cycle will reproduce her past on her daughter's future.