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Christophe Bisson
France 2016 / 71’
Minotaur Still Life

Bernard Legay is a model outsider and a focused artist who lives in a village in Normandy. A seeker, his gaze penetrates the surrounding thickets, the crumbling factories, the frozen, empty landscapes with a faith in the intelligence of material that he could use in his work about the ineffable-about death, love, the changing color of skin, about the experience of life. In reinterpreting the painting technique of sfumato, Christophe Bisson-a director, as well as a philosopher and painter-gets so close to Legay that his world loses its contours. What remains are touch, color, voice, breath ... I would really like to see you, Legay says in his deep voice on Bisson's answering machine before the filming started. To talk about cinema, about Béla Tarr, about Debord, about the things that interest me. About cinema that follows from painting and about painting that comes from cinema. About the possibilities offered by a black screen. About painting without images, about giving meaning to the unseen. Bisson fulfills the artist's wishes, and Sfumato, nearly devoid of words, is the result of an intimate conversation that must have occurred in the second half of some April.

Agnieszka Szeffel


Cinéma du Réel 2016 - Louis Marcorelles Award - Mention

Christophe Bisson

Christophe Bisson is a French filmmaker and Artist. After studying philosophy at the Sorbonne University in Paris, he devoted himself to painting. He had exhibitions in many places in Europe and New York. He directed in 2007 his first documentary film, White Horse, with the American filmmaker Maryann De Leo. It had its premiere at the 2008 Berlinale. Then Christophe Bisson made a series of experimental films shown Art galleries and festivals. His film, Road Movie, which was totally self-produced, was shot in a mental health institution. His work is on the line between visual arts and documentary films. In 2016 his first feature film, Sfumato, was shown at Cinéma du Réel in Paris.

Selected filmography

2007 White Horse (doc. short)

2011 Road Movie (short)

2013 Into the World (Au monde) (short)

2016 Sfumato

2016 Silêncio

Cast & Crew

director Christophe Bisson
screenplay Christophe Bisson
cinematography Christophe Bisson
editing Christophe Bisson
cast Bernard Legay
production Triptyque Films
sales Triptyque Films
language French
colouration colour