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An Apparent Secret

Eva Könnemann
Das offenbare Geheimnis
Germany 2015 / 29’

An Apparent Secret has already won an award for its innovative form of artistic expression since, in the film, the production process somehow plays a part in the creation of the world being filmed. Eva Könnemann’s attention was captured by symbols characteristic of the town of Emmelsum. However, the director’s decision to travel there was influenced, primarily, by how the residents themselves described Emmelsum as a place to live: “There isn’t very much to say about Emmelsum.”

Patryk Tomiczek


Oberhausen ISFF 2015 - Zonta Prize

Eva Könnemann

Born in 1973 in Frankfurt am Main. Studied at the Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg. Lives and works in Berlin. Her work, which has been shown all over the world, has won many awards.

Selected filmography

2002 Happy Problem (short)
2008 Die Tragöden aus der Stadt / The Tragedians of the City (doc., short)
2010 Ensemble
2015 Tajemnica poliszynela / Das offenbare Geheimnis / An Apparent Secret (doc., short)

Cast & Crew

director Eva Könnemann
screenplay Eva Könnemann
cinematography Eva Könnemann
editing Eva Könnemann
sound Joachim Schütz
cast Kathrin Resetarits
producer Eva Könnemann
production Eva Könnemann
language German
colouration b&w