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Andrzej Jobczyk
Poland 2008 / 6’

One morning, the main character wakes up, and when getting dressed he marvels at the phenomenon of turning socks inside out. A moment later he decides to check what else could be turned inside out…


MFF Etiuda&Anime 2009 – wyróżnienie honorowe / Honourable Mention, OFAFA Kraków 2010 – wyróżnienie / Distinction

Andrzej Jobczyk

Born in 1985 r. In 2005, he received a diploma in woodcarving from the Secondary School of Art in Lublin. A student of the animation and special effect department at the Polish National Film, Theatre and Television School in Łódź.

Selected filmography

2008 Wywijas / Inside-Outer (short anim.)

2007 Zapylenie (short anim.)

2007 Autoportret (short anim.)

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Cast & Crew

director Andrzej Jobczyk
screenplay Andrzej Jobczyk
cinematography Andrzej Jobczyk
music Sebastian Rogowski
cast Andrzej Jobczyk
production PWSFTviT im. L. Schillera
language no dialogues
colouration colour